Friday, October 17, 2014

News Flash: My Mother Entered Cyberspace

No, pigs aren't flying and Hell didn't freeze over.  The one thing I never thought would happen just happened.  My mother entered cyberspace.  She didn't dip her toe in the water or confine herself to the shallow end of the internet.  She dove in.  I about fell over when her Facebook friend request popped up on my cell phone.  She sent me an email request for a link to my blog.  And she has a computer in her home.  I'm shocked.

I remember all those years trying to convince mom to be a part of social media.  She politely refused.  "People are forgetting how to write a letter or how to communicate face-to-face," she once told me.  Mom spent her whole life working on a computer.  Her home was always an internet free zone.  Everything changed when one of my sisters sent her a computer for her birthday a couple of days ago.

I will never forget all the lessons my Mom taught me about relationships.  She may have a computer in her home but I don't think she'll ever abandon her values.  The internet is a great tool but it should never replace face-to-face contact.  I wonder what's next for Mom.  A smart phone?  Sure – when pigs fly or Hell freezes over.

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