Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Motion Sickness Solutions For Your Dizzy Goals

 Have you ever lost track of your goals?  It's like reading in a car.  Your eyes are looking down at the pages in your book and your brain gets mixed signals.  Motion sickness is a sign something is out of alignment.  I took a one day cruise to Mexico with my wife and everything was fine until I went inside.  The water got choppy and the boat bounced up and down like an irregular heart beat on a monitor.  My wife yelled, "quick, look out the window.  Concentrate on the horizon."  It worked.

How many times during your day or week to you get so busy with distractions that you lose sight of your goals?  Does this make you dizzy?  Do you feel sick to your stomach?  Look out the window.  Your goals are on the horizon.  Fix your eyes on them and keep your focus.  Your brain will process what you see and help you navigate through rough waters.  If you can't find your goals you're life will remain out of focus.  Make sure you write them down before you raise your sails so you won't get lost at sea.  Never take your eyes off the horizon and you won't ever have to worry about motion sickness.  Happy sailing.

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