Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Three Interesting People I Met in Iowa Yesterday: a Writer, a Pig Farmer and a Son of a Bartender

I never really know who I'm going to meet when I begin each day.  My day job working in the membership department as a marketer gives me much flexibility.  My employer prefers we keep a low profile and stay away from television cameras.  I keep my opinions about religion and politics to myself while I'm on the clock.  In fact, most people I work with don't even know I'm a writer.  Here's a recap of three new people I met yesterday...

A writer named Megan.  She contributes to Better Home and Gardens.  I shared my disappointment about not getting my dream job at the local University when I migrated to Iowa from California two- and-a-half years ago.  The search committee eliminated me during the screening process.  I was devastated.  God had other plans for my talents.  I know in my heart I'm where I'm supposed to be.  Megan encouraged me to keep writing and wished me good luck with my first novel.

A pig farmer named Joni.  I left my day job early to surprise my wife.  I noticed a larger bus blocking traffic in the town square when I stopped to pick up my mail at the post office.  An over-sized photo plastered on the side of the bus caught my eye and I wandered over to see what was going on.  "Is Joni here?" I asked the officer directing traffic.  He nodded his head yes and pointed to the Java Lounge.  I walked inside.  News cameras were everywhere.  A young man named Marco was firing up the crowd.  He introduced the pig farmer and the place erupted.  Joni is in a heated battle for a U.S. senate seat.  Her first political message got my attention, "I'm a farmer who castrated pigs.  I'll make 'em squeal in Washington."

When Joni was finished speaking, I walked up to her and gave her a hug.  "My youngest son starts boot camp in the army in January," I told her.

"Infantry?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied.


"Fort Benning."

Joni knew the place well.  She served in the army and she spoke passionately to the crowd about the need to support our service men and women both during and after their service to our country.

"I'm counting on you to watch over my son," I told her.

Joni told me to say thanks to my son for his service and promised she would fight for him and all the others who defend our country.

A son of a bartender.  Last but not least, I shook hands with the man who introduced Joni Ernst to the people in my neighborhood, Marco Rubio, the junior senator from Florida who is considering a run for president.  I told Marco about my son and thanked him for keeping our military strong.  He told me the only way to defeat the enemy is through superior strength and promised he would never turn his back on our military.  The one thing Marco and I have in common besides our military views is we are both sons of bartenders.  We also have our differences – he played football in college and I played tennis.

Have a great day.  And don't forget to vote on Tuesday.

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