Monday, October 27, 2014

Optimism and Pessimism are Self-fulfilling Prophecies

Your thoughts lead to actions.  And what you see ahead often determines which direction you will choose.  One person sees the glass half empty; the other sees it half full.  One person sees a life filled with opportunity; the other sees danger lurking in the shadows.  I have a feeling most pessimists look at my life and wonder why I even bother to keep trying.  One voice in my head says, "it's okay.  You can get through this."  The other voice says, "your bank account is half-empty, your goals are half-empty and your life is half-empty.  It's time to give up."  Both voices are self-fulling prophecies.  I understand that the voice I choose to pay attention to is the one that will lead me to my destination.  Which voice will you listen to today?

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