Thursday, December 12, 2013

There's Something About Mary – Part I

Mother Nature knocked down a tree along the Interstate I use for my daily commute.  The remaining stub resembles the Virgin Mary when the light hits it just right.  Even the angle of the limb appears similar to the image of her at the top of today's blog.   Every time I pass by tree stub, I tell myself, "There she is again, I must photograph her for the world to see."  And I wonder, does anyone else see what I see?  A couple of thousand years ago, she was pregnant with Jesus.  I imagine what it was like for her to be traveling with her husband late in her pregnancy, camping outside in the cold.

The photo will be challenging to take during these weather conditions.  Someone told me yesterday we may soon see wind chills in the minus 20º range.  Maybe this is why I feel so connected to Mary during the Christmas season.  There's something about her.  She shows up in the strangest places.  And she has one purpose – to get people excited about her Son.  She wants us to be ready for Him when He returns.  Are you ready?

I promise to get that photo of the tree limb soon.  You can decide for yourself if you can see the Virgin Mary in the picture.  My goal is to capture the shot before Christmas.  Can you believe Christmas is only 13 days away?  Have a great day.

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Michael Mulligan said...

I captured the photo at sunrise. It gives me goose pumps every time I look at it. Can't wait to post it at 8:08 AM, Pacific Time on 12/13.