Friday, December 6, 2013


Ho, Ho, Ho.  Christmas is only 19 days away.  Do you remember the anticipation you felt as the day approached?

What are you most excited about this Holiday season?  Will you have an opportunity to travel?  It looks like the odds are in my favor to have a White Christmas here in the Midwest.  I look forward to sitting around the Christmas tree with my family and enjoying a warm fire.  We are at the beginning stages of an arctic storm and the temperatures are dropping fast.  Snow is expected by Sunday.

May you enjoy this special time of the year.  And keep in mind the real reason for the season.  It's all about a birthday.  Not even St. Nicholas knows when He will be back.  I believe this:  Jesus is the best gift anyone can ask for.  No, you won't find Him in your chimney.  Yes, He will be with you during the Holidays and beyond.  Invite Him into your home and don't forget to wish Him a Happy Birthday.

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