Friday, December 13, 2013

There's Something About Mary – Part II

Yesterday I made a promise to my blog readers that I would capture a photo of a tree stump that reminds me of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and publish the photo before Christmas.  This was on my mind when I left for work before sunrise.  I always leave early to give myself time to mentally prepare for the day.  The outside temperature was 1º when I attempted to open my garage door.  It was frozen shut.  I eventually got it open and headed off to my morning commute.  The morning sky was so beautiful.  Maybe this is the day I photograph the tree stump, I thought as the sun peeked out.  The Interstate was icy and I wasn't sure about pulling over with all the semis around me.  As I approached the area where the tree stump was located, the last semi passed me and I saw an opportunity to pull over safely.  I knew the moment I parked my car that the timing was perfect.  The tree stump on top of the rolling hill appeared to be whispering my name.  I zipped up my jacket, got out of the car, and hiked through about six inches of snow towards the tree stump.  Here is what I saw:
This morning I shared the photograph with my wife and she asked, "why is the sun in that position?"

"It has to do with the time of the year.  On December 21st the sun will be at its furthest point south," I answered.

"It really does look like a person who is praying," she said.

"The tilt in the head is what reminds me of Mary,"  I told her.  "Let me show you what I mean," I said as I did a quick internet search for Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Here is the image  I showed her:
There is one more odd similarity to these images.  The image of the Virgin Mary was revealed for the first time on December 12, 1531, the same day I took my picture.  I took this picture on the 482nd anniversary of the day when a poor young man living in a remote area opened up his cloak made from a cactus plant and unveiled an image of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  The image should have shriveled up and disintegrated within twenty years.  It did not.  482 years later it's still in mint condition.  Scientists have no clue why this cactus plant is not decaying.  Maybe it has something to do with Mary.  As for me, I'm glad she said yes when an Angel appeared to her asking if she would be willing to be the mother of the Savior.  And I'm thankful a poor teenager named Juan agreed to gather up some flowers and show them to a skeptical church leader on a cold December day almost five hundred years ago.  And yes, in my life, the Son always appears at the perfect time, just like the sun showed up in time for my morning photo yesterday.  That's my stump speech.  Have a great day.

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