Monday, December 30, 2013

A Community of Super-charged Believers

Do you like underdogs?  The San Diego Chargers may be perhaps the best Cinderella story of the year.  Like many Charger fans, I started out rooting for them when I transplanted to California.  Even though I'm no longer a Californian, I will forever be a part of an amazing community of super-charged believers.  Today's story is dedicated to those fans who suffered through years of less than stellar seasons only to be comforted by the fair weather.  Where else can you go in December and take pictures of your family playing at the beach on a 70º day?

The San Diego Chargers did something last night that shocked even some of the most hard-core supporters – they secured the very last seed available in the playoffs.  Phil Rivers announced in his post-game interview, "the odds of us making the playoffs were about 1%."  So many events beyond their control had to happen to keep them alive before their opening kickoff yesterday.  They needed losses from the Dolphins and last year's Super Bowl champs, the Ravens to stay alive.  And they needed to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs who already earned a play-off berth.

So, what does it feel like to be a part of a community of super-charged believers?  The closest comparison I can offer is when I'm in a crowd of people who believe in Jesus.  We believe our "Quarterback" can lead us through any trial, no matter what the pundits say.  My pastor once wrote two words that summarize the final scoreboard for believers:  God Wins!

When it comes to football, God has no favorites.  I'm hoping they do well and would love to see them in the Super Bowl.  Regardless of what your football denomination may be,  I hope you enjoy the post season.  And if your team is out of the Super Bowl hunt, why not get the Charger band wagon?  At times it feels like a roller coaster.  All I can say is that it is one heck of a ride.  Way to go, San Diego fans.  I will always feel connected to you, even on days like today when the windchill is -20º.  Good luck in the playoffs.  We will be cheering for you.

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