Saturday, November 23, 2013

Never Give Up Your Super Powers

Has the following situation ever happened to you?  You made a mistake.  You're sitting there figuring out how to correct your error and along comes a bully.  The bully tries to make you feel small in front of others.  You're already feeling embarrassed but this bully wants the whole world to know how weak you really are.  He picks on you to make himself feel bigger.  If you give up your super power and let him bully you, you will feel miserable the rest of your life.  What you may be unaware of is that you already have the super power within you to defeat your bully.   Here are some ideas:
  1. Hide the Kryptonite.  It doesn't belong to the bully in your life.  The only way the bully will take it away from you and use it against you is if you turn it over to him.
  2. Stand firm.  Give your adversary the Superman pose.  Yep.  Hands go on your hips and stand there like you're in a police lineup.  Make him think you have X-ray vision and don't be afraid to throw a counter-punch.
  3. Answer the call.  When the bully sends you an invitation to meet him on the playground, make sure you show up.  Your bully only has power when you run and hide.
  4. Learn how to defend yourself.  Every adversary has his own Kryptonite.  He makes himself look larger than life so you will cower.  Before recess time, make sure you go to the Principal's office and find out everything you can about what's in the bully's files.  Tell the principal that the law is very clear about your rights to go through the discovery process so you can stand up to the bully on the playground.
  5. Put away the Superman suit once you defeat the bully.  Yes, you have super powers.  No, you don't need to flash them all the time.  Blend in with the general population once you crush your enemy.  But keep the superman suit handy for the next time you may be summoned. 
I'm headed off to my day job.  When they call me for help, I'm quick to pull out my eyeglasses and respond.  The Clark Kent disguise is working really well.  I'm happy to lead an anonymous life in the midst of the cornfields.  Should anyone become suspicious of my super powers, I will tell them they have the wrong guy.  I'm just a story teller.  And if they try to find my Kryptonite I will respond this way..."what Kryptonite?"

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