Saturday, November 2, 2013

My Silliest Writing Episode

It happened yesterday morning.  My eyes were closed and I was on my back in my comfy bed on a chilly morning.  Raindrops were tapping on my bedroom window.  My MacBook Pro was propped open at a 45º angle on top of my bended knees, eagerly awaiting crisp new words for the morning's blog story.  My mind drifted into a sleepy state.  That's when creativity attacked me like a thief in the night.  I felt a powerful jab on my head.  When my eyes popped open, over-sized letters from my keyboard were staring at me from close-up.  I was the victim of a Mac attack.   My laptop pounced on me and landed a punch right between my eyes.

I had one of those Dr. Smith moments from Lost in Space.  I could hear my brain yelling, "Oh the pain."  The blow struck me about a quarter inch above my eye glasses and left a horizontal gash, connecting my eyebrows and transforming them into a uni-brow just like Bernie from Sesame Street.  Still stunned from the surprise attack, I wiped my forehead and noticed blotches of blood on my fingertips.

What am I going to do? I thought.  How am I going to explain this at my day job?  I stopped the bleeding from my flesh wound and wrote my story for the day before hitting the showers.  That's when I decided to turn tragedy into today's blog.  That's what writers do — they paint pictures of their characters in the silliest situations for entertainment purposes.  I hope you enjoy this little ditty.

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