Friday, November 29, 2013

Fear Has a High Price Tag

It's Black Friday.  Many shoppers cut their Thanksgiving Day short so they could stand in line for the big discounts.  Unfortunately, they overlook the high prices they are paying for fear.  Do some comparison shopping and find out how high the price tag is for your own fear(s):
  1. Deferred decision making.  Maybe you are afraid of visiting the doctor or dentist because you don't want any bad news.  The longer you hide, the more dramatic your sticker shock will be.
  2. Lack of confidence.  This is being afraid of your own abilities.  You don't put your name in the hat for a possible promotion or volunteer for new assignments because you don't feel you're good enough.  The price tag for this fear is mediocrity.  You will end up leading a discounted life.
  3. Perfection Syndrome.  You don't try anything new because you're afraid to make a mistake or you fear someone else will catch you in the act of making a mistake.  Wisdom is never marked down.  You can't buy it below cost.  In order to advance in life, you need to stop trying to be perfect.  Perfection Syndrome will cost you dearly.  Successful people stock their shelves with mistakes.  They learn from their errors and advance in all their endeavors.
  4. Burying your head in the sand.  The only one blind when you do this is you.  The world can still see you.  Your creditors can still find you.  You need to learn to confront difficult situations with your head held high.  Learn how to defend yourself against the bullies in this world and they will lose their power over you.
  5. Fear of letting go.  How can you grasp something better in your life if you're holding on to a person, place or thing with a death grip?  Sometimes you just need to let go because what you're holding doesn't belong to you.  You will gain a sense of freedom when you learn to let go.  This is priceless.
If you really think about, what is it that motivates anyone to sacrifice a Holiday like Thanksgiving so they can go buy more stuff in the middle of the night?  I believe it has to do with fear of loss.  These midnight shoppers are afraid someone else will end up with the better deal.  And the store owners are afraid someone else will get the profits if they refuse to remain closed.  Yes, fear has a high price tag.  Stop paying that price today and discover peace in your life.  If you feel like adding to the conversation, please click the comment button below.

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