Sunday, July 3, 2011

Special Family Time

There is nothing like a good road trip to soothe the soul.  I'm enjoying quality father-daughter time on our last road trip together before she leaves for college.  There is a part of me that's sad, knowing another one is about to leave the nest.  It reminds me how important it is to savor each precious moment.

Thank you, Lord, for all these amazing aunts, uncles and cousins and for giving me a weekend to be with them.  I especially thank you for letting me have quality time with my daughter and for allowing me to be her temporary custodian.  In a couple of months, my wife and I will let go of her and release her back to your guiding hand.  Please bless all who read this blog today and inspire them to seek out a long lost relative.  Life is too short to live apart from loved ones.

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