Thursday, July 7, 2011

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

There it is again, that oversize 2x4, whizzing through the rain clouds and bopping me on the head.

"Okay, God,  I hear the lyrics to the rainbow song playing on the radio and I do see that full rainbow in the sky.  Yes, yes, I  see the double rainbow on top of the first one.  I know, You've been trying to get my attention for some time now."

"God, it's a nice touch that the rainbow ends directly on top of my house.  I'm pulling over now to snap a picture for my wife and kids."
A twilight zone moment...this rainbow is hitting my home.
"You want me to shoot a video, too?  Okay.  Just keep the rain away long enough for me to capture this little miracle in the sky.  Maybe after I shoot the video, You can share what You want me to do with it when I get home."

"Thanks, Heavenly Father, for the rainbows; however, I don't really need them to hear Your voice.  From now on, I'll pay better attention when You speak directly into my heart.  I promise to post this message in case someone else needs to see You today.  Thanks for revealing Yourself to me."

"One more thing, God.  Can you please let all those people of Yours, the angels, the saints, and Your special people on earth who are praying for me and my family...let them know I can feel their prayers in my heart.  Please send some blessings their way.  I know it would be nearly impossible to do all You ask of me without them.  Thanks for placing them in my life to keep my trail well lit in times of stormy weather."

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