Friday, July 22, 2011

My First Day at the Google + Party (Google Plus)

It felt like Christmas.  I couldn't wait to accept my invitation to join the newest social network, Google +.  The staff at Beatweek Magazine kindly sent an invitation within a few hours of my request.  My gmail contact list popped up on the screen and I began organizing my "circles" into categories.  Within minutes, I was emailing friends and members of my writer's group.

Google Plus is as good as your network of friends.  If your circles are empty, it's like being on a deserted island.  I can't wait to connect with others using these latest Google tools.  My favorite is the video conferencing.  Imagine you are on a video conference call with a group of friends and you can see them all at the same time.  The one who is speaking shows up at top and everyone else can be seen below.

Thanks, Google.  You are making it so easy for me to connect with my friends who are far off.

Now that I am officially inside the Google Plus circle, I will be happy to help you get in.  Anyone who is a follower of this blog can get in for free.   The first step is to join this site by clicking the button just below "Followers."  Then, send me an email at asking for an invitation and you're in.  Don't forget to bookmark this site and come back.  I will be sharing more about social networking in future posts.

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