Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrating 20,000 Page Views

Today's story is for all those readers who are surrounded by dream killers, people who don't believe you are qualified or that you have something worthwhile to share.  Maybe you are hearing strange voices inside of you nudging you to come out of your comfort zone and share your gifts with the world?

Just over two years ago, I responded to that little voice inside me and started this blog, even though I felt unqualified.  This blog became the cornerstone for a trilogy of books, the first one already on the market and the next two under construction.  I keep my life simple....pen a love letter to my bride of twenty-two years every morning at sunrise, post a blog message here, and develop my ideas for the next two books.  After contributing to my company,, during the day, and spending time with my family in the evening, I finish the day by investing thirty minutes learning something new.

There are two types of people you can listen to.  The dream killers or the visionaries.  Dream killers either don't believe you can be better than you are, or, are afraid you can transform into something special and they don't want you to leave them behind.  Visionaries see your potential and want you to become the person you are created to be.  They realize the whole world is better when you offer your contribution.

Seek out the visionaries and take time to encourage others.  Soar with the eagles and teach others how to fly.  I owe the 20,000 page views on this blog to the special people in my life who believed in me even though I saw myself as a mere caterpillar. Thank you for reading these daily stories and for sharing this blog with your friends. 

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Peter H. Zindler said...

Congrats! Nice job! I always see the best in every individual I meet and I never let the dream killers get me down. Great blog, thanks for the share.

Michael Mulligan said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Pete.