Saturday, July 30, 2011

Snake Eyes

A close friend commented recently about my bad luck with certain outcomes in my life.

"Every time you roll the dice, you get snake eyes," he said.

His statement was meant to be a joke, however, his perception of my life's choices is somewhat accurate.  I find myself in the center of some sort of spiritual battlefield.  I have no control over many of the events in my life.  Each choice I make is based on the information available to me at the moment.  Any major decision is always made with a prayer for the wisdom to make the right choice.

The steady stream of snake eyes is helping me to see my spiritual life with more clarity.  Each roll of the dice inspires me to work harder on my prayers and become more dependent on God.  I realize there are three forces of nature at work.  Each dice roll is either purely random, Divinely influenced, or manipulated by the dark side.  Regardless of which force is at work, it's always up to me to decide how to respond.

In my opinion, I've witnessed too many snake eyes to convince me all the events happening around me are purely random.  That leaves the Supernatural, the good and the evil.  For those reading today's blog who do not believe in God or Satan, I would like to offer a couple of thoughts.  Since we cannot "see" God or Satan, we need to find other ways to help us grasp what we cannot see.

Every day, we observe people struggling with disease, hunger, poverty, war, violence, and all sorts of abuse.  The dark side uses this against us to discredit the notion of an all-loving Supreme Being.  After all, non-believers suggest that a perfect God would not allow evil to exist.

The Evil One is angry with me.  I refuse to back down from my position no matter what situation I face.  If Satan is attempting to thwart God's plans for my life by conjuring up snake eyes each time, then I trust God will intervene in order that His will be done.

Just in case my bad luck with the dice rolls comes from above and not below, I trust God is using the events of my life to shape me for His purposes.  I must learn from the snake eyes how to be a better servant.  I need to discover how to make the lemonade from my lemons.  I know the end of the story....God wins, even if my only roll of the dice every day is snake eyes.

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