Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A New Writer in the Family

She did it.  The first person to comment on my blog when I started my writing journey nearly two years ago and the one who nudged me to share my story with the world has crossed the finish line.  My Aunt Marcie self published her first memoir.  Although her book was meant for family members and close friends only, her life's lessons are universal and once she discovers how her book is touching others, she may be encouraged to expand her book distribution beyond the family.

The front cover was designed by my Aunt's daughter, Renee, an art director for Conde Nast publications, the parent company of Vogue.  Renee took time out of her busy work schedule in New York City to assist her mother in this top-secret assignment.  The book is beautifully illustrated with color pictures and well crafted in it's portrayal of a woman traveling through the four seasons of her life. 

I learned some interesting tidbits about my grandparents on my mother's side of the family and enjoyed reading my aunt's life story.  The book is now in my wife's hands and then I plan to share it with some close friends who are avid readers.

Congratulations, Aunt Marcie, and thanks for inviting me to your fiesta.  Your neighbor, Lucy, who graciously opened her home to my mother, daughter, and me, summarized it best when she said "My husband and I first moved here when the kids were in diapers.  We were only supposed to be here for a short time while we searched for a home large enough to fit our family of ten kids.  My husband shared with me that neighborhoods like these are rare and refused to move away.  We squeezed the kids into our four bedroom home, all ten of them and it was worth it, thanks to neighbors like Mike and Marcie.  Even the other neighbors who moved away still get together once a month and keep in touch."

Thanks, Aunt Marcie, for sharing your words of wisdom.  Maybe you will inspire others to share their stories.  You and Uncle Mike have always been great mentors in my life.  Now, it's time for the next chapter of your life, grand-parenting.  You already have Nina in Heaven and soon you will have the first of a new generation on earth.  I'm thankful to be part of such a special family.  Thanks for sharing.


Marcie said...

Michael, We are so blessed to be a part of your family. Thank you so much for sharing our special weekend with you. Eventhough we live far apart our spirits are always connected. God bless you all.....we love you very much!
<3 Aunt Marcie

Michael Mulligan said...

What a joy to be a part of your celebration. Yes, we will always be connected and I enjoy sharing all the seasons of our lives together. Have a great summer.

Love, Nephew Mike & family