Friday, July 8, 2011

The Life-changing Question

My quest for wisdom started as a teenage boy who felt lost.  Over the decades, I've mapped out plans for personal goals and achievements.  No matter what level of success I obtain, there is always an unsettled feeling inside me, as if something is missing. There's this yearning to find my true purpose.

One day, I asked the Holy Spirit a question that forever changed my destiny...."Holy Spirit, show me who I am in God's eyes."

The answer came to me immediately.  It was like looking in a mirror and seeing a stranger.  At first, I didn't like seeing him, some kind of caveman possessed by evil spirits.  I wanted to run away and hide.  This odd-looking creature I observed in the mirror was ugly and without clothes or possessions.  He was the opposite of what I aspired to be.

This vision of my alter-ego haunted me for years.  Moses probably felt the same way the day he discovered his true identity; he was the son of slaves not of kings.  He fled to the desert to find answers just as I left the valley of the sun to escape my past twenty two years ago.

This simple question I asked turned my life upside down. On March 17, 2013, I will share the full revelation in my second book, "The Caveman in the Mirror."  If you are ready to understand the meaning of your life, just ask God one question...

"Holy Spirit, can you please show me who I am in your eyes?"


JP said...

You have already started many people on the path to identifying "Who they are in God's eyes." Some of us have seen who they are in God's eyes and have prayed that they may recognize their true worth and the goals God has set for them.

Michael Mulligan said...

Seeing who you are in God's eyes is the first step. Once you discover your gifts and purpose, the second step is ACTION. It's not a once-in-a-while thing, it's an everyday job.

We are all here to help one another discover why we exist. Thanks, JP, for sharing.

Yes, God has a plan for every one of us. Who wants to try it God's way?