Friday, July 1, 2011

The Excuse Train

I decided to get off the excuse train.  All the passengers I met shared the same story...

"I should have done this, I could have done that, I would have (fill in the blank), blah, blah, blah."

It turns out the train was on an oval track, like the one I got for Christmas when I was a young boy.  Was I the only one on the train who bothered to look out the window?  The landscape kept repeating itself like a broken record.  The passengers were too busy talking about their should'as, could'as, and would'as to notice the train stopped once I pulled the emergency chord.

"It's time to get off the excuse train," I shouted.  "Can't you see this train is headed for Nowheresville?"  Each passenger had an excuse and refused to disembark.

"All right," I said.  "If you want to waste your lives away riding this train, that's your choice.  You can have all my baggage, I'm not taking it with me.  Each suitcase is stuffed with excuses and I'm tired from all the weight, they're a heavy load."

I opened the exit door and walked out while the passengers sorted through my worn-out belongings, each one finding the perfect excuse to add to their luggage.  It felt good to leave the should'as, could'as and would'as behind me.

 It's time to start flying, I thought as I headed toward the airport.  I'm ready to soar.  How about you?  Are you ready to get off the excuse train?

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