Monday, July 18, 2011

Housing Crisis Looks Like Nursery Rhymes

In the old days, people concocted nursery rhymes to share stories about difficult situations without fear of repercussions.  Maybe you or someone you know is struggling to avoid homelessness.  Here is a modern day look at our country's meltdown and a sheepish solution...

Once upon a time, Goldilocks, an unemployed young lady, was searching for porridge. She entered the home of the three bears and sampled their food.  Papa Bear's porridge was too hot, Mama Bear's was too cold and Baby Bear's was just right.  The only problem was there was not enough of Baby Bear's to eat, thanks to the Big Bad Wolf.  The Wolf made sure people like Goldilocks would never find porridge that was just right for them, even though Robin Hood gave the Wolf all the money necessary to make plenty of porridge for the entire kingdom.

The problem with Robin Hood's plan had to do with a miscalculation.  He expected the Three Blind Mice to follow him but they were too busy trying to help the people Robin Hood stole the porridge from.  The Three Blind Mice were afraid that if Robin Hood kept stealing from the rich, the kingdom would eventually run out of porridge.

While the Three Blind Mice were busy looking for new ways to help people like Goldilocks, the Big Bad Wolf started huffing and puffing until he blew all the houses down.  The people who lived in the kingdom turned to Humpty Dumpty for help but all he did was sit on the wall.  He had the power to stop the Big Bad Wolf and because he chose to sit rather than get involved, he had a great fall.

One day Mary, who had a Little Lamb, with fleece as white as snow, came to check on Goldilocks and shared some kind words with her.  She told Goldilocks to stay away from the Big Bad Wolf and follow her Little Lamb instead.  Most sheep are afraid of wolves, but her Little Lamb was special.  He knew of a glorious place where Goldilocks could live happily ever after and He would take her there if Goldilocks was willing to stop looking in all the wrong places for porridge. No matter how hard the Big Bad Wolf tried, there was no way he could ever blow the Little Lamb's house down. Everyone who followed Mary's Little Lamb got plenty to eat and their porridge was always just right.  They all lived happily ever after, except for the Big Bad Wolf.  Even in fairy tales, there is always somebody who chooses to be miserable.

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