Saturday, June 25, 2011

Young Writer Starts Blog

When Jacob's dad told him he didn't know how to make a blog, the preschool graduate asked him to call me for assistance.  This young man was determined to start his own blog and share his creativity with the world.  The main character is a squirrel who thinks she has super powers.

Even more impressive than Jacob's new blog is his non-stop efforts to tell everyone he meets about it.  Jacob took the time to set up a professional photograph for his "about me" page and works diligently to find the correct spelling for words not typically used by first graders.

Do you remember when you were in first grade and you had a dream?  Did you act on it or listen to all the people around you who thought your dream was silly?  It's not too late to live your dreams.  Tap into that grade-school desire you've buried and let it out.

Go, Jacob, go.  You are developing your God-given talent.  I'm posting a link to your blog so the world can see a young boy living his dreams.  I hope you keep up the good work and that other people encourage you.  Maybe some of my readers will follow you...

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