Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Knee High by 4th of July

The crops were planted in the Spring.  The rains came.  Farmers wait patiently for the harvest to come.  If the corn stalks are knee high by 4th of July, expectations will be lofty for an abundant yield.

Your dreams can be measured by mile markers just as farmers predict how much they will sow.  The days are numbered.  What kind of harvest can you expect when it's time to meet your Maker?  Are you sowing enough seeds today to reap a bountiful crop? 

My corn fields are my future books.  Each stalk is a person I'm meant to connect with.  It's one thing to plant the seed, that is, to make contact.  It's another to water the fields and be careful to keep the weeds away.  I am the farmer nurturing each plant and helping it to grow.  You are a part of the harvest, either as a contributor or reader.  Perhaps God is calling you to farm the land?  My prayer today is that you will respond to His request and join with me.  Will you be the seed that feeds the world?

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