Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are You Engaged?

Deep inside you there is some quality or gift you have like no other in this world.  Once you discover it, you have two choices.  You can engage or disengage.  You are a drop of water falling from the heavens.  Your actions determine whether you will evaporate into thin air or if you will become part of a new creation.

A single raindrop may appear insignificant to the world.  There would be no rivers, lakes or oceans if every raindrop failed to reach it's destination and connect with others.  There would be no life on earth without water.  Every drop matters.  You matter.  You are significant.  Once you engage, that is....activate, apply, attach, dovetail, energize, fasten, get going, interact, interlace, interlock, intermesh, interplay, join, lock, mesh, switch on with all the other droplets, then God’s mosaic is revealed, a masterpiece on display for all eternity.  Are you engaged?

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