Sunday, May 29, 2011

Wanted: Your Story

This is my official "help wanted ad."  Please share your story with my readers.  Get all those negative thoughts out of your head and stop listening to those voices telling you your story is insignificant or you are unqualified to write.

You are the only one in the world qualified to publish your heartsong, your unique story that can inspire others to face difficult situations.

I shared my vision for my third book, "Free Lemonade," with a friend and customer the other day and his face lit up.  He especially liked the idea of getting regular people with extraordinary stories to participate.  This blog is reaching people all over the world.  It's a place for people to interact and help one another to carry on.

Please help me to turn this dream into a reality.  I need your help.  Don't worry about the editing or the language barriers.  I will get my friends from the critique group to polish your story if you request help.  If you submit your story in a foreign language, the Google Translate tool will allow me to publish in English.

Click here to submit your story and I will publish it on my blog.  The top stories will be eligible to be published in "Free Lemonade."  This is your opportunity to become a published writer.  Go for it.

Visit "Free Lemonade" to read stories of hope and inspiration.

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