Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Heart for the Lost

If I told you right now the door in front of you is your gateway to heaven, what would you do?  Would you drop everything and run to it at full speed?  Would you open the door or stand there in fear, not sure if you belong on the other side?

In my teen years, I begged God to show me the door.  I was so lost and my world was so dark, there was no hope of ever finding it.  The Evil One convinced me I was alone and unworthy of entrance into heaven.  My life in the cave was bleak.  God was with me, however, I did not recognize His presence until  the day Jesus turned on the light and revealed Himself to me in all His glory.

My friends, this gateway to heaven really does exist.  Adam and Eve once lived on the other side of it in a beautiful garden.  They were cast out once they decided to do things their own way.  It was disobedience that got them in trouble.

We had to wait thousands of years for a Savior to come and unlock the door.  All who seek Him can find the gate.  The good news is that all who search for Him will find this door unbarred.  I haven't seen this door yet, however, I met the One in charge of the keys.  He came to me in my darkness and turned the light on.  I know exactly what it feels like to be in the shadows.  I also discovered how good it feels to be in the light.

Once you find the door, I encourage you to walk through it.  Jesus asked me to wait on this side of the path.  He has given me a new heart, one made for the lost.  I promised Him I would not enter the door until the His lost sheep have been found, ALL of them, no matter how far away or how cold it is. If you are in darkness, look for my torch and come to the light.  He is sending me into the cold to find you and bring you home.  The Angels in my life are with me, making sure my light doesn't burn out.  Are you ready to find Jesus?  Take my hand, I promise to never let go until you reach the doorway.

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