Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Tribute to Teachers and School Administrators

We all have at least one teacher who found a way to peer inside our hearts and draw out something special.  For me, it's "Snora" Ehlers from my high school Spanish class.  I got the opportunity to thank her this week when I mailed her a copy of my first book.  She was quick to respond and share her memories from long ago.

When a teacher or school administrator takes an interest in a student, he or she can change the world.  There is an individual like this at the high school in my hometown.  When faced with some difficult circumstances, Mr. Lohman, the assistant principal at Ramona High School, rallied teachers and came up with a creative plan to maximize my youngest son's performance and propel him to the finish line of his freshman year.

Today's post is to recognize those who play a role in inspiring our youth to reach their full potential.  It's people like "snora" and Mr. Lohman who make the difference between success and failure.  Thank you for your commitment.  Your reward will be great in Heaven and your efforts will change lives.  God bless all the teachers in our world and the administrators who support them.  They are true heroes.

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