Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Left or Right?

I stopped to talk with a stranger during my hike.  He was standing in front of a fork in the path.  The overgrown vegetation made the trail veering to the right almost unnoticeable.  The left trail was wide and the the weeds had been trimmed.

"Which way should I go?" I asked the man.

"You are the first traveler to ask," he replied. "What are you looking for?"

"My destiny," I answered.

"The answer you seek is already in your heart.  Look within yourself for one question and ask me," the man said.

I stood quietly for a few minutes, pondering my question.  Three other hikers walked by without noticing the hidden trail to the right.

"Which path will take me closer to Jesus?"  I asked.

The man smiled and stepped aside, pointing to the unmarked path diverging to the right.

"Take this," the man said, handing me a large machete. "Trim the path as you move forward so the others following you can find their way.  The other trail looks like the easy road, however, it's a dead end.  If the other hikers ask me which way to go, I will tell them they will not be disappointed if they follow your lead."

After gazing at the narrow trail, I turned back to look at the stranger one last time.  He was gone.  I picked up my machete and hacked away at the overgrowth, hoping others might choose this trail.  A strong wind caused the leaves to bristle.  It was time to move forward on the road less traveled.

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