Friday, May 6, 2011


My own family doesn't see it yet.  Most of my friends only see the tip of the iceberg. I tried to hide from it for decades.  I even set up my own obstacles to keep it from happening.  What do I see staring me in the face while I look in the mirror?  Why am I so afraid to share what is about to unfold?

Pardon my ramblings.  My new life outside the cave is so different and I'm having difficulty adjusting to the bright light.  I'm awestruck by God's presence.  His thoughts and His desires are all about the lost.  He wants me to build a fire in the hearts of the people around me, a supernatural fire not of this world.  It's already happening, the wildfire is spreading, jumping continents and reaching places I've never even heard of.

This fire started with some kindling given to me by Angels.  The Holy Spirit blew His breath into the flames, causing the fire to ignite and burn with intensity.  A few people close to me who were living in darkness came to the fire.  Their hearts warmed and their lives transformed.

I don't know why I'm in charge of the fire.  There are so many people much more qualified.  At times, I'd rather go back in the cave and hide.  His voice is too strong to ignore.  His plans so bold.  His lost so important.

As I write to you this morning, I sit at the table with my poker chips.  Jesus is on the other side.  He knows the cards in my hand, however, I can't see what He holds.  He peers into my eyes and asks, "are you ready to go all in?"

My heart races and the audience crowds the table.  The Evil One tempts me to fold and walk away, telling me I'm not worthy.  I look Jesus in the eyes as I contemplate my choice.  I see the the holes in His hands from the nails that once pinned Him to the Cross and I remember what He did for me.  There He is, the Son of God, sitting at the table in front of me, asking for my chips, all of them.

I place my cards face down on the table and look at Him one more time.  The crowd hushes.  At last, I get the courage to answer Him. "Yes, Jesus, I'm all in....everything belongs to you."


JP said...

Tears flow down my face and in my heart as I read this. Prayers for strength ascend to our Lord.

JP said...

Many of us have seen a special place in your future. We continue to keep you in our prayers, knowing that the Holy One will bring it to fruition in His time.

Michael Mulligan said...

I thank all the Angels who supply the kindling. There are twists and turns in the future, however, Jesus is at the end of the path, waiting for all His sheep to come to Him.

Let's make sure this fire burns brightly.