Friday, May 27, 2011

Free Lemonade

It struck me at 3:00am this morning and I couldn't wait to wake up and put the idea in motion.  It started with a dream.  My dad was in the vision, along with my uncle Tom and some cousins.  There was a girl in the dream I knew twenty-five years ago and I was introducing her to my family.  We agreed I would present her as Amy to protect her identity.  I forgot this and ended up using her real name.

Once I awoke, I started thinking about why this person wanted anonymity and it hit me.  She had lemons in her life she preferred to keep a secret.

When my dad was behind the bar at Mulligans, he met patrons who opened up about their lives.  This interaction was my dad's specialty and he knew how to comfort those bringing in sacks of lemons.  He helped them turn their lemons into lemonade.

For those of you in the blog world who have a story to share, you've found the right place.  "Free Lemonade" is the title of my third book.  It will start as a featured section of this blog...a place where you can share your lemons with the world.  Your identity will remain a secret unless you choose to publish your real name.  Once enough stories are accumulated, I will select the top one hundred and self publish through Createspace.  Should a publisher with values and vision similar to mine happen to find me, I may go the traditional publishing route for this little gem.  The focus is sharing how you turned your lemons into lemonade.  Your story will give the world hope.

This special book will feature people from all over the world.  When you email your story, please include your country and the name you would like published.  It's okay to change the names of your characters to protect privacy and you can select a pen-name should you choose to remain anonymous, like my friend, Amy, who appeared in my dream to plant the seed for this book.  You will be recognized in the book if you make the top one hundred.  Thank you, Amy, for trusting me enough to share your deepest secrets. May others follow you and share so our world can benefit from their important life's lessons.

Click here if you would like to share your lemonade story with the world.  This is going to be a fun project.  I can't wait to hear from you.

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