Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Dudley Factor

“Our stories can be inspiring or they can be cautionary tales, but after the will has been read and the loot distributed, your story is all that is left,” ~ Elle Newmark

In my own life, I am blessed with many Angels who help me find my path.  Recent events are opening my eyes to a higher purpose for my life.  I'm called to serve these Angels and help them find their way.  Although I see some pain ahead in the sacrifices similar to Dudley's, the Angel in "the Bishops Wife," I'm ready to carry out God's plans.

The code name for my assignment is "the Dudley Factor."  The Angels in my life who read this will connect the dots and understand how the Holy Spirit is masterminding what lies ahead on the horizon. It's time for me to be their Angel.  Like Dudley, there is a time limit on my job.

While staring at the completed jigsaw puzzle, I'm amazed how different it looks from my earlier life's vision.  There are times when following Jesus is not easy.  I must concentrate on what He did for me as I carry my own cross.  It appears as a twig compared to the Cross He carried.

To my friend, Julia, the one praying for God to send an Angel.  I thank God for this assignment.  I thought you were here to guide me and you've done an amazing job.  Now it's my turn to be your Angel.  I thank God that He will not erase the memories when it's time for Dudley to go.  May God bless you. I will forever cherish the memories from this special assignment and I make one promise...no matter how far away I may be, if you listen closely, you will hear my wings fluttering.  If your legs are weary and you don't feel you can stand any longer, my Spirit will be there, gripping you by your shoulders and holding you up.  It's all part of my role as your Dudley.

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