Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Recipe for Success

My Italian brother-in-law comes from a long line of caterers.  Each relative has a favorite dish they serve at family gatherings.  They are protective of their recipes, often modifying the ingredients before sharing so their dish always tastes the best.

Are you the missing ingredient in God's recipe?  Maybe you are in the recipe but not in the correct amount.  When God calls you, He wants all of you.  His masterpiece won't be a success until every ingredient is present in the appropriate amounts.

You may be tempted to jump out of the oven too soon.  Trust God and learn to get along with all the ingredients in His recipe.  God's meal is perfect as long as all of us do our part.  Wait for the timer to go off before judging any of God's dishes.  If all the ingredients are present, His recipe will be a success.

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