Monday, January 16, 2017

When a Chapter Ends

It's not the end of the world in San Diego but if you're a Chargers fan like me, it may feel like it.  My heart aches for all the fans.  It feels like losing a family member.  Even the local moving companies are refusing to participate in the relocation.  It's too painful.  While the book may appear to be closed for San Diego, life must go on for some of my favorite people including Phil Rivers, Antonio Gates,  and Charger newcomer Joey Bosa.  I will never forget the amazing Ladainian Tomlinson or "Lights Out" Shawn Merrimen.  These are the people who inspired me to give my best every day.  Now it's lights out in America's finest city for professional football.

There's always some amount of pain associated with the conclusion of a chapter.  It's okay to feel not okay.  In fact, it's part of the healing process.  My last experience with the Chargers took place at the beginning of the 2016 season when my family traveled to an away game in Kansas City.  We dared to enter Arrowhead Stadium decked out in Chargers gear.  We reveled in the magical play of Phil Rivers and company playing their best football ever in the first half.  The crowd was silenced.  Then it happened again.  The other side interrupted our fairy tale vacation with a surprise ending.  Someone turned the lights out.  It was a foreshadowing of a nightmare to come.  I must remind myself, "if it's not okay, it's not the end."  Have a great day.

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