Saturday, January 7, 2017

First Progress Report of New Year from Caveman Volunteer

I don't recall ever getting so excited to review a spread sheet.  It happened last night when Chris texted his first report showing nearly ten pounds of weight loss.  He's committed.  Maybe that's what happens when you're confronted with a major challenge like cancer.  I'm thankful Chris is following this experiment so diligently.  It reminds me of a familiar quote that applies to any endeavor in life:  You get out of it what you put into it.

My job for the next three months is to find a way to put all these spreadsheets and progress reports together into a format that may motivate others to return to our primitive roots.  Eating like a caveman may not sound appealing to my target audience but looking like Tom Hanks after he ate like a caveman may be enticing enough to encourage others to give this challenge a try.  Remember Tom's before/after pictures from the movie?  These pictures portray the story of my life.  Congratulations, Chris.  You're well on your way to reach your weight goals for 2017.  Keep it up.  Have a great day.

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