Saturday, January 28, 2017

Step into My Sandbox

"You won't be able to find it," I replied to Chelsea at my day job earlier in the week when she asked how to find my blog.  I spitted out the name in a hushed tone like it was some kind of secret I wanted to keep hidden from public scrutiny.

"I give up," Chelsea said about half-way through my reply.

"Why is the name so difficult?" asked another.  The truth is I'm sitting here in a glorified sandbox just like I did in my youth with my siblings and my cousins on the beach in Bahia Bay, located in San Diego.  The texture of the sand makes it easy to create sand castles, especially when you mix the water and the salt and pepper colored sand just right to create squiggly formations with your fingers.

Visitors to this blog are still trying to make sense of the squiggly sentences I stitch together without any formal training, except for some stints in high school with the likes of Mrs. Fields who first exposed me to fancy-schmancy words, like alacrity.  Here I sit in disbelief that I actually used alacrity in a sentence.  You see, I'm haunted by my past.  I may be able to run but I can't hide.  I feel like I'm living in a parallel universe and I don't really fit in.  New tennis friends are actually retired English Professors and they're serving and volleying questions about my writing I prefer dodging.  What am I to do?  Can't I just play in my sandbox without having to share?

The Divine Editor of my life says, "keep playing in your sand box and don't quit your day job."  What kind of senseless instruction is that?  Am I not qualified to write?  If you're here in this sandbox, you already know the answer.  So do I.  God doesn't call the qualified.  Do you really think those fisherman Jesus called upon were the best choices to change the world?  The answer is found in one word – results.  I'm going to keep floundering here every morning when I wake up until the day I die with alacrity.  My editor can do whatever is necessary to make sense of my squiggles and perhaps change the world, one chapter at a time.  I'm still shaking my head in disbelief that 1.5 million people visited this sandbox and that a couple of readers keep coming back daily.  All I can say is thank you for stepping into my sand box.  Your alacrity to join the fun inspires me to venture outside my sandbox and share my stories with others.  Maybe someday I can give directions to this blog address without being so secretive.  Have a great day.

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