Tuesday, January 24, 2017

What did the caveman eat?

There are many misconceptions about how our caveman ancestors lived.  Most falsely believe we are healthier because of our modern day advancements.  In my opinion, the one major advantage the caveman had over us is healthy eating.  They had no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no polluted soil or water to contend with.  They did have abundant berries, seeds and other foods we often overlook.  Our ancestors walked around and ate whatever happened to be growing naturally.  Nothing in their diet was processed.

Think about why our health care system is broken.  It's not because of our doctors.  It's because of the patients.  Yes, it's the patients.  We sit on the couch all day, eat processed foods loaded with artificial ingredients and then ask our doctors to give us prescription pills for our own food-induced ailments.  When the pills don't work, we ask for bigger doses.  Our ancestors didn't know what high blood pressure was.  They rarely got sick.  Why?  Because they ate the foods our bodies need to stay healthy.  And we don't.  Our big bellies are a symptom of just how out of control our food choices are.   Stay tuned to hear more from the latest group of caveman volunteers.  They look more like our ancestors than modern man.  One thing I know for sure – these folks are looking good.  Have a great day.

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