Friday, January 6, 2017

Caveman Gets Shot in the Arm from Day Job Team-mate

We're meeting in the place where my Midwest blogging kicked off nearly five years ago at McDonald's.  Megan said, "we can put a plan together – they have free Wifi."  I rotated my blog writing between the public library, the outlet center and McDonald's, the three locations in my new hometown offering internet access.  Every penny was spent on relocation and home internet was not added until after I found a new day job.  It will be exciting to sit down with Megan, a mother of three who committed her life to helping others get fit.  We are both working together to improve the lives of the people we work with. 

My friends and family members are looking for creative ways to prepare foods that fit the caveman lifestyle and I believe Megan can help with solutions from her network.  We're going to customize a program that will enhance my primitive caveman challenge.  Stay tuned for the details.  I'm excited to be teaming up with someone who is so motivated to raise the bar on fitness and healthy eating.  This is a shot in the arm that won't sting.  Have a great day.

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