Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Live Better Starting Today

Why does the pursuit of happiness seem to be such a long journey for some while others simply wake up happy?  Is there really a wrong side of the bed?  What if there's no bed?  Maybe we are too focused on things or milestones and we lose sight of the most powerful navigation tool we all possess – our brains.  Try this experiment:  Tell your brain to search for a better, happier life before you go to bed tonight.  Set the alarm for eight hours. 

Did I just hear you say, "I'm too busy to sleep for eight hours."?

Like I said, if you want to live better starting today, you need to make a few changes.  Waking up grumpy and unhappy may be a result of short-changing your body's natural healing process.  Let's try this again, please set the alarm for eight hours before you go to bed tonight.  Deal?

When you wake up, make a to do list and be sure to include some activities you really enjoy.

Did I just hear you say, "I'm too busy to do the activities I enjoy."?

And why are you that busy?  What's so important that you can't rearrange your life a little so that you can have something fun to look forward to?  Please tell your brain you want some help with time management so you can do some fun things.  I'm sure your brain will respond if you are open-minded to changing your priorities.

Okay.  You're all set.  When you wake up tomorrow morning after eight hours of sleep and a to do list that includes at least one activity you are passionate about, you are on your way to better living.  Isn't it amazing how short that trip was?  You found happiness in less than twenty-four hours.  Congratulate yourself – you are one of the few how understands how to live better.  Have a great day.

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