Sunday, June 9, 2013

Why Do You Do The Things You Do?

Does this photo remind you of anything?  The first question you may ask when you come home to a mess like this is, "What are you doing?"  That's not the right question.  The answer is obvious.  The real question is "Why are doing this?"

We adopted a second dog as a companion for our Sheltie when our children were young.  The first few times we left Lucky alone, our home looked like burglars invaded.  The corners of all our cushions were chewed up and our vertical blinds were broken into pieces.  Lucky was having trouble with some "why" questions, like:

 "Why are these strangers leaving me alone?" 

"Why don't I get to play outside?"

"Why is this other dog following me around?"

We went to some animal experts seeking help.  We were told our new pet was suffering from separation anxiety.  This explained why he wailed like a baby every time we headed out the door without him.  It explained why he pretended to be a running back busting through the defense every time he saw the end zone just past an open front door.

Once we understood why our new pet was behaving so strangely, we were able to help him overcome his anxiety issues.  The same thing is true with the people around you.  If you seek to understand why they do the things they do, or why you do the things you do, you can eventually modify behaviors.  Those children pictured above have a need to explore.  They will do well on camping trips.  When guided properly, they will become the next generation of inventors and leaders.  Children are experts at asking the "why" questions.  How about you?  Are you asking enough why questions?  Please add your comments below.


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