Friday, June 21, 2013

Check Your Love Gauge

How long do your relationships last?  If you're embarrassed by your answer, chances are you're not taking the time to replenish the fuel in your love tank.  Your love tank is like a checking account.  When you take more than you deposit, you will eventually run out of funds.  Couples who have been on the road for 25+ years understand their love tank is shared by two people.  They check their love gauge often and make sure both parties are refueling.

The type of fuel you put in your love tank will affect your miles per gallon.  Each relationship is unique.  The best way to avoid running on empty is to discover your partner's octane requirements.  Read the Five Love Languages to keep your love tank full.  Click here for the link.  My wife and I are about a year away from reaching the twenty-five year mile marker.  We are both careful to keep our eyes on the love gauge to avoid running on fumes.

What is your favorite love language?  What octane does your partner prefer?  How many years have you been on the road without running out of gas?  Don't forget to add your comments below.

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