Friday, June 7, 2013

Why Being Adaptable Reduces Stress

I'm one of those people who thrives on the chaos.  Most days, I'm really not sure what to expect.  The one thing I can count on is that each day will look quite different from the one I planned the day before.  Here are some suggestions to help you deal with unexpected change in your day:
  1. Consider your daily goals as a template for the day -- they are your starting point, not the finished product.
  2. Welcome the variety that comes from unplanned opportunities -- they add flavor to your day.
  3. Expect chaos.  You are not a robot and neither are the people around you.  Be prepared for unforeseen circumstances that are not on your calendar.
  4. Appreciate the unplanned interruptions -- they give you the opportunity to showcase your flexibility.
  5. Understand that your advancement opportunities come from your ability to handle unexpected situations.
When your attitude towards change is flexible, you will find yourself at peace, even when your world seems to be collapsing.  Others will seek you out to help them survive.  How do you feel about being adaptable?  Please add your comments below.

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