Saturday, June 29, 2013

Are Your Dreams On Life Support?

Miranda Lambert walked onto the outdoor stage last night and sang her heart out.  The weather outside was 68º.  In between songs, I looked up at the night sky and noticed the Big Dipper overhead.  I asked my family to check it out.  The last time I remember star gazing with my whole family, the Big Dipper was in the same spot.  That was ten years ago on a summer night at a Christian camp in the San Bernadino mountains.  I looked up and felt some kind of connection to Heaven.  I also felt something inside of me urging me to dream.  My wife felt the same thing inside.  When we talked about it, we discovered we were both being challenged to raise our sails up to full mast and let the winds of the Holy Spirit lead us.  Then, we went home and returned to our regular lives.  Our dreams went on life support.

Miranda Lambert closed with these words, "Thank you for giving us the opportunity to live our dreams."  Her words touched me.  I looked at my wife and three children and knew in my heart that I was living a life with my sails at full mast.  Never again will my dreams need life support.  I trust God's plan for my life.  Through all the storms in my life, especially the recent ones that produced tornadic winds, torrential rains, and record floods, we enjoyed a special moment last night that was only possible because we decided to live the dream.

What steps are you willing to take today to take your dreams off of life support and set them free?

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