Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Simple Moment

Another storm greeted us shortly after midnight last night.  We left our bedroom window open so we could feel the cool air 68º air and hear the sounds of nature.  Our son mowed the yard yesterday before the storm hit.  The early morning smell of fresh cut grass adds a special touch to a simple moment.  I feel like I'm on a camping trip.  Two love birds huddle together on a tree branch, forming the outline of a Valentine.  Their sweet song floats to our window on a gentle breeze while the trees sway in the background.  A blend of dark and white clouds are adrift.  My wife reads a daily chapter from "Simple Abundance."  We're both on the same page.  This is our simple moment.

May your day be filled with simple moments that bring you joy.  Savor these moments.  They're the ingredients of a good life.


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