Thursday, June 6, 2013

One Simple Rule

Life may appear complicated at times.  I remember a time in my younger years when I entered a half Iron Man competition in Kauai.  The first portion of the 1.2 mile swim seemed effortless.  Then I turned around.  The ocean current was now opposing me rather than carrying me.  My arms tired.  I felt like I was barely moving.  Exhausted swimmers behind me were being yanked out of the water by the life guards.  I refused to quit.  The closer I got to shore, the more intense the current became.  I felt like I was swimming in a rip tide.  Finally, I reached the pier.  I held on to the first beam while the ocean tried one last time to suck me back out.  I waited for the next wave so I could use it to advance to the next beam.  It took forever to reach the beach.  I barely made the cut-off time.  Everyone behind me got disqualified.

I found my bike easily.  All the other competitors were already on the bike course.  I climbed on to my bike and pedaled for 56 miles.  My body was weak but my mind was focused.  I kept thinking about the thirteen mile run at the end.  I told myself, just get to the end of the bike ride, then walk if you have to, you can do it.  I never got the chance.  I finished the bike ride too late and was the first biker disqualified for being too slow on the course.  The race officials needed to re-open the highway.  It was an epic failure.  My pain was doubled because this was the second time I got disqualified in a half-iron man competition.  At least I made it further this time than the first race where my chain broke thirty miles into the bike ride.

Here's where the simple rule applies.  I follow it every day.  It works like this:

Be a little bit better today than you were yesterday. 

That's it!  It works for parenting.  It works in relationships.  It works in every area of your life.  And someday I will cross the finish line in a half-iron man race.  The first two competitions were my practice runs.  The third time, I plan to cross the finish line.  How about you?  Do you believe you can be better today than you were yesterday?  Let me know in the comments section below.


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