Monday, August 27, 2012

Preparing for My First Midwest Winter

In another lifetime, I was a tennis coach.  I seized on an opportunity to go to Canada as an instructor for three seasons during college.  The owner of the camp came to me near the end of summer camp with an offer I couldn't refuse.  He said, "Mike, I need you to stay on and work at my 5-star resort for a couple more months.  You can live at the cabin on the lake for free."  My answer changed my life.  Here's what I experienced when I said yes:
  1. A one week train trip from Toronto to Montreal and Quebec City while the leaves were changing color in October.
  2. An opportunity to visit friends I made during summer camp while touring the country.
  3. An opportunity to find my destiny -- coaching others.
The extra semester off from college taught me more than anything I read in books.  I got to see the world and broaden my horizons.  Now, for the first time since my college days, I'm preparing for the leaves to change color.  There aren't really any seasons in Arizona where I grew up.  The leaves do change color in California, however, the colors are from a sixteen-pack of crayola crayons compared to what I experienced on my train ride through Canada in October.

The leaves are already changing color in our backyard.  We are preparing for our first Midwest winter.  If you haven't vacationed during the fall season, here's my coaching tip for you:

Make travel plans today to visit a place where you can experience life in true color.  Timing is everything.  The leaves will be changing color in the Midwest early due to the change in weather patterns.  If you plan properly, you will experience colors like you have never seen before.  Don't forget to send me a picture.

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