Thursday, August 16, 2012

Life Under the Radar

Obscurity has its advantages.  Four out of five in my household prefer it.  My new boss prefers it.  I started this blog deliberately making it hard to find in order to fly under the radar.  Most readers of this blog can relate, choosing not to post public comments to my daily stories.  The One I follow spent the first thirty years of His life under the radar.  He did His best to avoid crowds and asked people to be quiet about what they witnessed.  His followers stayed under the radar until Jesus returned from the dead to ask them for help.  Life under the radar was no longer an option.

90% of my life remains under the radar.  The other 10% is posted here and in my books.  Thank you for reading my daily stories, even if you choose to fly under the radar.  I'm just happy to know these stories show up on your radar.

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