Friday, August 3, 2012

Living in the Zone

If a stranger asked you to rate the quality of your life on a one to ten scale, what rating would you give yourself?  Does the rating fluctuate?  Are you satisfied with your self-rating?  If you give yourself anything less than a consistent daily ten rating, this blog story is for you.

I made a personal choice to "live in the zone."  This is a state of mind not related to world events, personal challenges or occurrences beyond my control.  I determine the daily ranking.  The permanent setting is ten.  I do not allow anything or anyone to change the number.  For those around me who seek a higher self ranking, I offer this coaching tip:

Set the bar high for your life.  Live it to its fullest.  If you live every moment to its potential, there is no need to go backwards and relive past experiences.  There is no need to dwell on the future because the opportunities that exist in the present moment are the top priority.  Give this moment your full attention.  Choose to make it a ten, regardless of circumstances.  This includes dealing with the loss of a friend, sickness, joblessness, etc. Find the silver lining in each dark cloud.  Dance in the rain.  Be in the moment.  Live in the zone.

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