Saturday, August 18, 2012

How to Turn Your Life Into an Adventure

Today is a special day in our household.  We have an honored guest visiting us for a BBQ.  The weather will be in the 70's.  The skies are clear. And we will be visiting with the matriarch of my wife's family.  At 90 years old, Inez is enjoying life to its fullest.  Other family members will be joining in the fun.  This is the reason I now live in Iowa, to be close to my wife's family.  All of us are on an amazing adventure.  Here are some ideas to put more adventure into your life:
  1. Spend time with the people you love.  Listen to them as they share their life's stories.
  2. Don't be afraid to change your zip code.  The world is full of amazing people.  Go meet them.
  3. Stop listening to negative people.  They are afraid that if you start living life to its fullest, they may have to follow you.
  4. Realize that today is a gift.  Unwrap it.  Savor it with all five of your senses.  Share it.
  5. Your Creator wrote a script for your life before you were born.  Discover what is on the pages.  If your life is boring and unfulfilled, you aren't following His script.  He has big plans for you.  Go out and live the adventure that is your destiny.  Stop wasting the pages of your precious life.

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