Thursday, August 30, 2012

Final Destination

There was a big debate in my workplace about who should be picked for the first employee of the month.  I nominated my buddy, Ryan, an energetic young man with a passion for excellence.  Ryan lost his life days before our grand opening in a head-on collision while riding a motorcycle.  Some in the workplace felt Ryan's picture on the wall would be a sad reminder of the tragedy.  I argued that his photo would remind us of his amazing contributions to our company.  I attended Ryan's wake with a group of team-mates and we met his family and friends the night before we opened for business.  Everyone had something good to say about Ryan.  When I look at Ryan's photo on the wall at work, I think about where he is now and where all of us are headed.  His spirit is with us.

Do you ponder what your final destination will be like?  The truth is that you are created in God's image.  This means you have eternal life.  Yes, you have to die first before you reach your final destination.  Your attitude about death will affect how you live.  Do your best to determine why you are here and what your role is.  I believe we are to help one another figure out the meaning of our lives.  Just remember one important point:  this world is not your final destination.

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