Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to Prepare for Stormy Weather

Photo by Nicole Mulligan

Mother Nature interrupted my BBQ plans with a surprise storm on a rare mid-week day off.  The sun was shining and the temperatures were in the mid 80's.  Then the clouds swooped in, swirling like mashed potatoes in a high-speed blender.  My daughter rushed to get her camera and photograph the sky show before the torrential rainfall forced us indoors.

Life is filled with unexpected storms.  Sometimes, they come on sunny days when they are the least expected.  Many Iowans are already warning me about what is to come when I see my first winter away from the west coast.  Here are some ideas to help you prepare for stormy weather:

  1. Expect the storms.  They come in many forms -- job losses, sickness, injuries, accidents, wildfires, tornadoes.  The eagle spreads his wings and looks directly at the storm clouds, waiting patiently to be uplifted above the clouds, soaring until the danger passes.  He uses the storm to his advantage.
  2. Listen to others who weathered their own storms.  My mechanic recommended special tires for our automobiles, two for the front equipped with special spikes that grip the road in icy conditions.  We will mount these tires before the first winter storm hits.
  3. Wait for the rainbows.  Every storm passes.  Some linger, however, they eventually make their exit.  Be patient.  Savor the rainbows while preparing for the next set of storms.  Weather patterns, like history, repeat themselves.  Stay alert.
I'm planning some major writing during my first winter hibernation.  Winter storms are perfect conditions for writers.  I will drink hot chocolate while sitting next to the fireplace, happy that it's located in the basement.  And when the Spring arrives, I will re-appear with a completed novel penned during stormy weather.

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