Monday, August 20, 2012

Five Reasons Why Love Wins

If love and hate were to match up against each other in a boxing ring, it would be an interesting spectacle.  Each side side has its own fans.  Here are five reasons why I believe love would be victorious:
  1. Love has the ability to see into hate's soul and understand what motivates hate to be so angry. Hate is too enraged to do the same for love.
  2. Love can heal; hate can only destroy.
  3. Love may be knocked down in the arena but it's always motivated to stand up again.
  4. Love has stronger moves including forgiveness, empathy, charity, caring, kindness, gentleness and understanding.
  5. Jesus is the source of love and He conquered death so that all who follow Him will have eternal life.  Not even hate can defeat Him.

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